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Jeff Bezos Popping Champagne And Spraying People With It As William Shatner Blubbered Like A Baby About His Trip To Space Is A LOL Funny Video

I don't mean to triple blog this story since Jerry blogged Shatner getting launched into space and I blogged it being a massive L for Start Wars fans. But I missed this snippet until tonight and had to get it up on the site.

Seeing Jeff Bezos shrug off a guy spilling his guts out to spray some lovely ladies with champagne like he's in a 90s hip hop video is not only incredible entertainment but also a glimpse into how he became the richest person in the world (I know him and Elon Musk always flip flop who is ahead but I'm a Bezos guy, so I'm gonna say he actually has the most credits on this spinning rock of ours). 

"Oh yeah Billy, that sounds like a crazy life changing moment for a man that has been alive for 90 years and seen countless shit after being famous for decades and blah blah blahhhhh. But if you will excuse me, I need to pop this bottle of bubbly worth more than multiple countries' GDPs and shower people with it" is exactly what you'd expect from someone who allegedly has his employees pissing in bottles and speaks like this to other humans.

That's the kind of ruthlessly efficient person we need running the planet when he buys it for straight cash in 10 years or so. If he can get anybody in the country a package of random items in 48 hours flat, managing an entire planet of people facing whatever challenges we'll be dealing with in the 2030s and beyond should be light work.