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90 Year Old William Shatner Becoming The Oldest Man To Fly Into Space Is One Small Trip For Man, One Giant L For Star Wars Fans

Look, there is no two ways around this. Today is the worst day for Star Wars fans since The Last Jedi came out and caused the most ruthless war amongst the fanbase not seen since, well I suppose the war in Star Wars where planets get wiped out every so often, and maybe the worst thing Jeff Bezos has ever done to a group of people. 

Now Star Trek fans now have a pretty big whammy card to throw in super nerdy debates with Star Wars fans after their guy got shot into space space instead of the sound stage space where Star Trek, Star Wars, and the moon landing were filmed (JK, if you don't believe in the moon landing, you hate America and that is a stone cold fact).

I haven't even seen a Star Trek episode or movie in my life yet I still hate it more than Anakin hates sand since I happened to watch Star Wars before Star Trek as a kid then found out about the rivalry between the fanbases and chose my side based on simply seeing all three trilogy movies before watching one second of Star Trek. But I think it's safe to say this story is a bigger deal today than Baby Yoda's cuteness and the incredible way they wrapped up Season 2 of The Mandalorian (#SPOILER).

I may be a blind hater, but I'd be a flat out asshole if I didn't tip my cap to Shatner for not only being alive at the ripe age of 90 but looking better and more alive a decade short of a century on this Earth after having his ass shot into space than pretty much everyone I know that is 1/3 his age.

I've been rooting for Blue Origin to win the Space Wars, if that is even a thing, because I've been an Amazon customer since they were a bookstore and think that'll help me get preferential treatment from Bezos once he becomes the Supreme Chancellor of Earth after taking the planet over. But I think my allegiance can be swayed if that weirdo Elon Musk or that flamboyant motherfucker Charles Bronson launch George Lucas to the moon or Mars, or even better Mars' moon (if it has a moon) in order to give Star Warriors the upper hand in this never-ending nerd war. 

h/t Trent for the Star Warriors name