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Whoever Runs The Pregame Light Show For The Vegas Golden Knights Should Count Against The Team's Salary Cap

Okay so first things first, that was pretty fuggin' sick. Maybe I'd suggest staying off the hard drugs if you find yourself in Vegas and heading to a Knights game later that day. But pretty sick nevertheless. However....

Listen. I hate to do this to Kelly McCrimmon and the boys considering Vegas has *checks notes* $0 left in cap space to spend. But just how in the frick are they allowed to get away with paying whoever is in charge of this pregame show off the books? 

I get it. Other teams around the league have the capability of doing on-ice projections for their pregame entertainment. But to this extent? A personalized short for every opponent? Shit looked like it was directed by Michael Bay. Other teams don't have that sort of manpower. 

And while it creates a sick atmosphere in T-Mobile Arena, I just fear that it creates an uneven playing field around the league. Ottawa's pregame entertainment is just seeing how many hands you can count the amount of fans in the crowd with. How can you ever expect a team like that to compete with Vegas? No wonder Brady Tkachuk is only looking for a 3-year deal. But clearly the NHL will do anything and everything in their power to make sure that Vegas is always at the top of the league. 

Welcome to the league, Seattle. Certainly no distinct kicking motion here.