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Texas A&M Kicker Seth Small's Family Watching Him Beat Alabama Is the Best Video You'll See Today

So much fantastic content came out of this one college football game. Saban lost to a former assistant for the first time ever. An unranked team beat Alabama for the first time in 100 tries. Bama's radio crew simply sat in silence and never even announced the final play.

Now we have this awesome video of Seth Small's family watching as he nailed the game-winning kick as time expired to take down the No. 1 Crimson Tide.

I can't even imagine watching your son or husband trot out onto the field for a kick like that. They were probably the only people in the world more nervous in that moment than Small was.

I absolutely love his wife's reaction after the kick went through the uprights. She falls to her seat crying for about five seconds and then immediately ditches all of her in-laws to rush onto the field. If your girl isn't putting out that kind of energy, you don't need her. This is the kind of support we expect in 2021.

I just love college football, man. The moments it creates are undeniably a cut above anything in professional sports. Congrats to Small and his family and all the Aggies who took down the Evil Empire.