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UMass Stormed the Field After Beating 0-7 UConn

Oh, UMass ...

In what very well may have been the worst matchup on paper in the history of FBS football, previously winless UMass defeated still winless UConn 27-13. Something had to give.

Credit to the Minutemen for getting into the win column, but storming the field after beating 0-7 Connecticut might be the new low point for anything I've seen from a fanbase. I thought Boston College's field storming after beating Missouri a couple weeks ago was pretty bad, but it was nothing compared to this. At least that was a win over a football team with players other coaches recruited.

If it's any consolation for UConn fans, they actually come away from this shitshow of a football game as the side which should be less embarrassed of themselves. Somebody had to lose the game, but there absolutely did not have to be people rushing the field. These teams are a combined 1-12, just enjoy the win at Chili's or whatever the best chain restaurant in Amherst is.

If you're a UMass grad, this should embarrass you. Truly shameful stuff.