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Storming the Field After Beating Unranked Missouri Is Admitting Your School Has a Poverty Football Program

Boston College scored a pretty big win in Jeff Hafley's second season, beating Missouri 41-34 in overtime to move to 4-0 for the first time since 2007. It's a nice win.

But you absolutely cannot storm the field after beating unranked, 2-2 Mizzou if you take yourself at all seriously as a football program. That is an admission that you do not ever expect to win any game against a team remotely worth a damn. Missouri is going to finish somewhere between third and fifth in the SEC East and go to the Music City Bowl. It's the embodiment of an average football team.

These are the situations in which it is acceptable to storm the field:

- any win over a top 10 team as an unranked team

- a win over an unranked legitimate rival if on a lengthy losing streak

- a win in which you were an underdog of more than 14 points

The Eagles were a one-point underdog playing at home in a non-conference game. You simply can't have the entire student body pouring onto the field after a game like that. It's unbecoming.