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South Carolina May Have Topped Itself for the Worst Play in College Football This Season

It was only a week ago that South Carolina had what I thought might be the dumbest play we would see this season. The Gamecocks didn't even make it through the first quarter in Knoxville today before topping it.

After losing a yard on 1st and goal, South Carolina ran a halfback pass ... with a defensive end. It seemed doomed from the start, but instead of taking a loss and trying again on third down, Jordan Burch took his one chance to throw the ball and lofted it into triple coverage. As you can see, it did not go well.

Instead of a 14-7 game, Tennessee drove right back down the field for a touchdown to take a 21-0 lead. We may never see a better example of why you just run it up the middle four times. You don't always have to out-think the room.

Real shame that happened. I hated to see it.