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South Carolina and Troy Produced Possibly the Drunkest College Football Play of All-Time

So ... let's review.

Troy snaps the ball and fumbles it on a sack. It's recovered by South Carolina. The USC player runs with the ball for five yards or so, but then he fumbles. His fumble is then recovered by the Gamecocks again and it seems like they're going to take it in for a touchdown.

The play would have been wild enough if it ended in a South Carolina score. But we were not done yet.

Jahmar Brown pulled off the dumbest play in football that somehow still happens every so often, flinging the ball out of his hands for no apparent reason dangerously close to the goal line. And by dangerously close, I mean before he crossed it, because this play ended in a touchback. After all that, Troy got the ball back 62 yards behind where it started the previous play.

I love the sheer stupidity of college football. Losers who only watch the NFL because it's a "better" product just don't get it. This is precisely what we want. I'm about to watch every snap of UConn-Vanderbilt just to see how much stupid shit can possibly happen in one game.

We want dumbassery. So thank you, South Carolina and Troy.