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The Destroyer Is Heating Up with Back to Back WSOP Cashes

Yesterday, I fired the WSOP $1000 Super Turbo Bounty Tournament. Wow that’s a mouthful to type. Let me try to explain in English terms what that means:

Super Turbo is a term used to describe a faster structured poker tourney that will end quickly. In this case, each level was only 20 minutes long. (The WSOP Main Event has 2 hour levels by comparison.) Bounty means for every player you knock out, there is a price on their head, including yours. This event, you got $300 every time you knock a player out which adds a different dynamic and is a lot of fun. The $300 bounties come out of the $1000 entry fee.

After finishing 395th in WSOP $600 Monday for $1305, I was looking to build momentum with a second straight cash and felt very good heading into the event, as I used to crush turbos online.

Each player started this tourney with 20,000 chips, which is less than most tournaments, making it necessary to build a stack early. I got seated at a soft starting table and did not recognize anyone.

The very first freaking hand of the tourney I look down at pocket queens. I raised to 300 with one caller then another player made it 1000. I just called because early on people are usually strong in this spot.

Flop came out J75 with two spades. I check called 1100. Turn brought a 9 and I check called 2500. River was 5 of spades which paired the board and completed the flush. I checked and he checked back pocket kings! I was 100% calling a 5k bet here and this was a huge break. Sometimes saving chips is more important than winning them. I still had 15,000 after the hand. I later found out Nate also had pocket queens first hand and lost a chunk when a guy flopped a set of 7s against him.

A known reg who I recognized from the circuit moved to my left. I opened pocket Kings to 800 at 300 level. He went all in for 7000 and I obviously snap called. I was surprised to see 76 of spades??? Maybe he had a flight to catch… who knows. I held and won a $300 bounty.

Later on, the guy who checked back Kings on the river opened to 1100 at 400 level. I just called with AK out of small blind to disguise my hand. Flop came 764. I check called 1200 and was going to make him bet the turn to win the pot because my hand was under repped. Turn came a Jack. It went check check. River was a 7 and paired the board. I checked and he fired 4,000. I snap called in 0.5 seconds and he said you are good. He was surprised when I showed AK high.

I won more chips calling a 3500 chip bet on river with K9 hearts on K8394 board with four diamonds. I picked off my opponents 86 of spades as he failed to successfully rep the flush.

I won two more $300 bounties when I woke up with huge hands behind all in shoves as blinds escalated quickly. The first when pocket kings held against 7s and the second pocket Aces held versus K7 of diamonds. In a super turbo players have to try to steal the blinds with weaker hands or they will get blinded out of the tourney.


After catching a bunch of monster hands, I went pretty card dead for the next few hours as blinds continued to move up quickly, and I do mean QUICKLY. 

We hit the money around 6pm for my 2nd cash in a row. I had a lot of work to do with 50,000 chips at 3-6k level.


After the bubble burst I shoved A9 and got called by A10 but miracled a chop on 3Q3J8 board. I got a light shove through with 74 offsuit then I was thrilled to jam pocket 8s. Unfortunately I ran straight into two Aces and that was the end of the road for The Destroyer in 198th. I cashed for $1164 & $900 in bounties.


Once again I was happy with the effort but this one did not hurt like that AJ vs KJ late Monday. 



I have cashed 2 of 3 events so far and my game is way ahead of what I expected after 2 year live poker layoff.

Today’s event is a $3,000 tourney which is out of my current bankroll. I am going to fire the $580 WSOP mega satellite at 2pm to try to win $10,000. The current plan is to fire the $1500 6 max on Thursday and the huge $1,500 millionaire maker on Friday.

I am getting a lot of support online of my videos and interviews. The people want the Return of The Destroyer. Thanks to the Stoolies and I am going to do my damndest to prove to Dave Portnoy that poker still matters in 2021!

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