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My 1st WSOP Run in 2021 Ended In Max Pain But The Destroyer Is Back


I am going to do blogs writing up all of my World Series of Poker tourney recaps. I am trying hard to make them as understandable as possible to non poker players. Please feel free to message me on my Twitter @BarstoolMintzy if you have any questions.

Yesterday I fired the WSOP $600 Deep Stack tournament. I came in well rested and felt great after a good night’s sleep and 4.7 mile run.

We started with 30,000 chips in a monster field of 4,600 players. Poker is clearly not dead and even without most foreign players, the fields are huge!

My 1st key hand of the tourney I raised 1000 with K2 of spades trying to steal the blinds before a break. I got called in two spots and flop came a sexy K92. I bet 1800 and both called. Turn was a 6. I fired 5200 and got one caller. River was a beautiful King giving me a full house. I went all in for 15,500 and got snap called by KQ. The old man was NOT happy to see my K2!

About an hour later, I caught pocket Aces in a wild spot! Two players limped 500, I raised to 2200, guy behind me makes it 6200 then the button makes it 14,100. I shoved all in for 48,000 and guy behind me snap called. The button tanked (thought about it) for a minute then folded. My aces held against AK and I was off and running with 115,000 chips!

I bled some chips off the next level then I caught pocket Kings and raised to 8500. Big blind called and flop came 973. I bet 10k and got called. Turn was a 5. I decided to overshove 65,500 and it worked- the older man called me with 43 offsuit?!?! And I held and scooped the big pot.

I lost a smaller all in with AK against a short stack’s A10 and went to dinner break with 125,000 chips.


After dinner I lost some chips then won a coin flip for my tournament life with AK of hearts vs. pocket 8s when I flopped a King. I had around 200,000 when Nate and I made the money of the tourney (top 680 got paid).

I lost a pot with pocket 10s on a 765 flop then folded a lot on short stack for an hour. Finally I caught a hand in QQ and doubled up against AQ to get back to 245,000 chips.

I got moved to a new table with 400 players left then this atrocity occurred. At big blind 15k a guy raised 30,000 and I went all in for 245,000 with AJ. This video says it all.


That bitch queen of spades on river gutted me as I had the guy floored for 525k. Winning that hand would have been MASSIVE and I can't believe he called for most of his stack with KJ. I had him dead to rights but it wasn't meant to be. I cashed 395th for $1,305.


I always preach positive energy and not getting upset over what I can’t control in life. So instead of complaining about this I am going to focus on the fact that after two years away from live poker I played freaking great. I feel like I am immediately a threat in any tourney I play. I thought my game would be much more rusty and am pleasantly surprised. The no alcohol is a game changer for mental clarity.

New day today. I am firing the $1000 Super Turbo Bounty today and am already off to a good start.


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