Facebook’s Master Code Reportedly Deleted Which Means Facebook And Instagram Would Be Gone Forever

 Good gracious alive! It’s very interesting that all this is happening the day after 60 Minutes (yes the same 60 Minutes your grandparents watched) had a bombshell of a report that everyone with a brain knew already. 

I don’t know if the first tweet is true but Facebook and Instagram have been down for hours. If Facebook is gone, that will kill so many small businesses, large businesses, and everything in between. Every picture I have from more that 4 years ago would be gone. All my high scores on Candy Crush in 2012 would be pointless. My 9-game streak on Words With Friends would never be seen but I ain’t gonna spend anymore time on it because in the meantime, every 90 days a person in North Queensland is torn to pieces by a crocodile.

Ps: I’m not a coder. I have zero idea what that shit means.