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Nickmercs Signed The Biggest Deal Of His Career...Where Will He End Up?

Nickmercs has been MIA the past week or so after he said on stream that he signed "the biggest deal of his career." To celebrate, he took his whole team out to Vegas to watch a UFC event and gave each person a gold MFAM necklace.

Nickmercs signed a Twitch exclusivity contract roughly 2 years ago and everybody believes that contract has finally ended making him a free agent in the streaming world. With Timthetatman recently signing with YouTube gaming, this seems to be the most logical next move for Nick. 

Nick's right hand man, ULeet, has been teasing the timeline and feeding into the YouTube energy.

So what do we think? Is Nickmercs signing with YouTube? Is he going back with Twitch? Did Mixer rise from the ashes? Or is it some insane deal that no one saw coming? 

I'm on the edge of my seat and can't wait to see the announcement.