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TimTheTatMan Just Signed An Exclusive Streaming Deal With YouTube Gaming

It all started earlier today with this tweet. To be completely honest with everyone reading this, I thought this picture meant Tim was deciding which fast food restaurant to eat for the day. However, the two doors represented Tim's past and future. We got a look into Tim's previous odd jobs and ultimately as he opens the "future" door, we see CourageJD appear saying, "The future is now." With that message, Tim walks through the door and it's official - Timthetatman will stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming moving forward.

Massive W for the platform and Massive W for Tim. He's one of the biggest and best streamers in the game, so I'm sure he got a bag and YouTube got another massive asset.

YouTube now has some major "big dogs" - Dr Lupo (signed yesterday), Timthetatman, CourageJD and Doctor Disrespect. 

As of recently, YouTube Gaming has been making a major push to make live streaming a much larger part of their content. For quite some time, they were way behind Twitch because they were missing features as simple as "clipping" or subscriber only (called members on YouTube). As Courage lays out here, the platform has been making massive strides.

Twitch is still the alpha live streaming platform, but if YouTube can close the gap, then it'll certainly be a much more popular spot for streamers to bring their live stream content. The main reason why I see YouTube having a massive advantage over Twitch in the long run is the demand for VODs (video on demand).

YouTube's content is built off pre-recorded videos and lately virtually every single streamer now makes videos on YouTube as well. Think of guys like Nickmercs, who back in the day never put a ton of energy and focus into YouTube. But what about now? Nickmercs has one of the largest growing gaming channels in the world and it's a major part of his brand.

Imagine a world where right your viewers can watch your live stream or VODs in one single place. That's YouTube and it very well could be the future for the majority of streamers. 

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