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If You're Not Drinking A $6 Bottle Of Asparagus Water Are You Even Trying To Be Healthy?

Time - Whole Foods has removed $6 asparagus water from the shelves of one store in Los Angeles saying that it had been offered mistakenly, a spokesperson for the grocer told CBS News. The product, which consisted of three asparagus stalks sitting in a bottle of water, was discovered by a Los Angeles resident who posted a photo on Instagram ridiculing the concept. The photo led to widespread criticism that the upscale grocer was ripping off customers with an over-priced and frivolous product.


Wait I’m sorry what? How was Whole Foods ripping off anyone? People really think that? That’s not how America works. If Whole Foods wants to put 3 things of asparagus into a bottle of water and sell it for 6 dollars, they aren’t ripping anyone off if someone is dumb enough to buy it. It’s actually a brilliant idea. Health nuts will buy anything if you tell them it’s trendy and slap a big price tag on it. If they were selling that bottle for any less I’d consider it stupid, but for 6 dollars, the yuppie hipsters are compelled to buy it because it’s so ridiculous. I don’t understand any argument that says Whole Foods did anything wrong. They just went down the hipster checklist: 1) Is it gross? 2) Should no normal person want to consume it? 3) Is it green? 4) Can we mark up the price 5000%? And asparagus water passed with flying colors. Anyone who complained about this is just a dumb poor person who doesn’t understand that here in America we will spend money on literally anything.