No Offense To Ben Simmons, But The Biggest Controversy With The Sixers This Season Is Tobias Harris Putting Mustard On His Cheesesteak

I know that Ben Simmons wants this offseason to be all about him. I know it's been killing him inside for the entirety of his career that the Sixers are Joel's team and he's the Robin to his Batman. I know this was supposed to be all about Ben throwing a temper tantrum, crying in his California mansion and playing Call of Duty like a child until the Sixers trade him. He wants the headlines. He wants the Stephen A. Smith rants. He wants the story to be all about him. 

Unfortunately I couldn't give less of a shit about Ben Simmons anymore because what in the actual heck is this about, Tobias? 

Listen. I'm not the type of guy who is going to go to war over cheesesteaks like most people in Philly. I truly don't care about who you think makes the best cheesesteak. I truly don't care if out-of-towners make a "Philly cheesesteak" recipe that calls for green peppers. And typically I try to stay away from telling other people how they should enjoy their own food. 

But to put mustard on a cheesesteak? Mustard? Such an overpowering condiment. I could see if you were going with a mustard and peppercorn sauce. Maybe I'd even consider this less of an atrocity if you were going with some sort of dijon. But if we're talking some basic yellow mustard? I just don't know how much I can trust Tobias heading into the season. And at the very least, this seems to be the bigger issue Sixers fans should be focusing on at the moment.