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Southern Miss Coach Will Hall Is the 'Mississippi Ted Lasso' and He's Simply Delightful

Will Hall might be my new favorite coach in college football.

He's off to a 1-3 start in his first year as a head coach at Southern Miss — though one of those losses was to Alabama, so that doesn't even really count — but you wouldn't know things were anything but hunky-dory from listening to him talk.

"I wake up every day and nobody has a worse day because they ran into me." Hell yeah, brother.

The Athletic's Chris Vannini calls Hall "The Mississippi Ted Lasso" — Hall is wearing a shirt from the show in the interview above, which feels much more genuine from him than the stunt Falcons coach Arthur Smith pulled.


I have no problem with coaches being a little bit corny if you can tell they're actually trying to be a positive influence and they really mean what they're saying — like Ted Lasso. Hall falls into that category. I'd love to spend a week around this guy and just see how he goes about coaching and leading his team. He seems like a guy you'd really love to strap on the pads and play for.

So while Arthur Smith and the Falcons maybe shouldn't be breaking out the Ted Lasso references in Week 4, I'm all for Hall doing whatever he wants. He's enjoying life and trying to make the world as much better of a place as he can.