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Drug-Laden Piss From European Raves Is Poisoning The Eels

This article mentions music festivals, Eels, and MDMA which made me immediately think of this.

Now music festivals in America have a lot of drugs, but apparently, in England, they do a shit ton of MDMA, cocaine, ecstasy, and a bunch of crazy stuff. So much so that all the public urination from the event contained so many drugs, the rivers even tested positive for drugs. 

Science continues to surprise me.

Researchers at Bangor University in Wales discovered high levels of cocaine and MDMA in the Whitelake River, which runs through Worthy Farm, where the hugely-popular music festival is usually held with more than 200,000 attendees.

The study found MDMA concentrations quadrupled the week after the 2019 festival, while cocaine concentrations reached levels previously shown to affect the life cycle of European eels -- which are present in the river and are critically endangered.

This isn't the first time European waterways have had way too many drugs.

The Eels reproductive systems turn out to be really messed up from all the drugs. The English didn't report any of the side-effects of any of the drugs on the fish, but the Germans put together an extensive writeup on their fish on cocaine. The Germans had experienced a bunch of fish in their fish farms on cocaine. This is the direct translation from the german:

"The fish started going absolutely bonkers and communicating to each other extremely fast. They then started making lofty and unrealistic plans of motivation and achieving success. One of the fish suggested that they try to escape the fish farm they were currently being held. As the photos show that one fish attempted the jump and then all the other fish followed. The frenzied nature of the fish communicated to the fish farmers something unruly was afoot, especially when the fish kept entering the bathroom in groups and coming back with nasal irritation. When the farmers went to check on the fish all the fish would avoid the farmers and swim around extremely paranoid. After about 20 minutes all the fish seemed to calm down but start to get increasingly antisocial, opposed to their previous united group activity."

I feel like the English and Europeans do way more MDMA and synthetic chemical drugs vs Americans who smoke a lot more weed. That would probably account for why this has never been a larger problem in America. If Europeans want to keep drugs out of their waterways they are going to have to start legalizing weed.