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Who Should Play The Super Bowl Halftime Show That Hasn’t Yet? - BONUS - New Music Friday

Great question posed to me on Twitter this morning- 

Some of these will be no brainers and some of these will blow your mind that they haven't played the largest stage in the world yet.

#1- Garth Brooks.

Garth fucks.

This guy drew a quarter million people (some say more) to Central Park in 1997. He's been one of the biggest names in all of music for 3 decades now. And yet somehow hasn't played the Super Bowl. Only a corporation with its head up its ass like the NFL could whiff on a layup as easy as this. 

Country music is the biggest genre of music in the United States. Love it or hate it, that's a stone cold fact.

Garth is the biggest name in that genre ever.

You think the fans of your sport, and Garth Brooks might land in the middle of that Venn diagram? 

#2- Jay Z

He was out. Now he's in. You can't keep up with where Jay Z stands with the NFL. (Hint, it's usually where the money is) But as of now he's back in and rumored to be trying to put together a team to buy the Broncos next year

So now that that's the case, he's gotta rescind his vow to never play the Super Bowl correct?

If the league accepts a bid from him this should be a binding stipulation.

Get the Jiggaman on stage.

#3- Taylor Swift 

Shocker that the NFL hasn't mopped up riding the princess of pop's coattails for a show yet. She's already got the relationship with them- she's debuted several songs and dropped major announcement during commercialized collaborations

So you've had her do the draft, and Kickoff. How not the real big stage?

#4- Guns n Roses & Metallica

Two of the biggest rock bands of all time. This is a Sophie's Choice kind of decision deciding between the two so let’s just say fuck it and take it back to 1992 and pair them up. Let Guns have the first 10 minutes, Metallica the next 10, and then have them do Paradise City and Whiplash together and blow the fucking roof off the joint.

#5- Rihanna

It’s crazy how many number 1’s Rihanna has. You’ve gotta think the only way she hasn’t been tapped by the NFL yet is because of their fear for her one upping Justin and Janet and just going fully topless for the set. Giving the crowd in attendance the show of a lifetime, but forcing the network to cut to a Pepsi commercial on loop. Rihanna loves showing skin, gives zero fucks, and is what the woke today are calling “sexually positive”. All big red flags for Ginger Satan. You can beat your girlfriend up in his league but you can’t show a little titty.

Here’s everything new that happened in music this week-


- Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett reunited for Love For Sale, a long-awaited re-pairing as well as Bennett’s final studio album, the duo still crackles with vocal strength and tenderness, particularly on the loving finale “You’re The Top.”

- On  Elton John’s new album, The Lockdown Sessions, which comes out Oct. 22 via Interscope Records, the legend collaborates with Dua Lipa, Charlie Puth, Miley Cyrus, Brandi Carlile, Eddie Vedder, Nicki Minaj, Young Thug and Stevie Nicks, among others.

But one pairing stands out for John above the rest: “Finish Line,” featuring fellow icon and longtime friend Stevie Wonder. 

- Taylor Swift revealed on Thursday (Sept. 30) that she'll be dropping the re-recorded version of her 2012 (and best) album, Red a week sooner than her devoted Swifties originally expected.

"Got some news that I think you’re gonna like - My version of Red will be out a week earlier than scheduled (including the 4 disc vinyl) on November 12th !" she wrote on Twitter. "Can’t wait to celebrate the 13th with you and our new/old autumn heartbreak album."

- On Tuesday (Sept. 28), Years & Years unveiled their brand-new single "Crave," a pounding, house-influenced pop track about love, sex and domination. Along with releasing the track, Years & Years also announced the release of their third studio album, Night Call, which is due Jan. 7, 2022, via Interscope Records.

- Amy Allen - "A Woman's World"

- JESSIA - "First Call"

- Wrabel - "Wish You Well"

- Ekkstacy -  "It Only Gets Worse, I Promise"


- Meek Mill dropped a new album Expensive Pain

- Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings: The Album Prod by 88rising

- Snoop, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamaer and more were announced as the talent for this year's Super Bowl halftime show in LA. For my thoughts, you can read my blog on the potential of it happening from back in May.

This week we are starting off with something a little different. Instead of just one song, we are

gifting you an entire soundtrack to listen to (but we will be giving our favorites, of course). As I

was sitting in the theater watching Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, I couldn't help

but keep thinking to myself, This soundtrack absolutely slaps; As in wildly better than any

other Marvel movie I have seen besides Black Panther. Marvel could not have picked a better

music collective to represent its first Asian and Asian American cast. 88rising represents Asian

and Asian American musicians for the most part, so the fit was perfect. Now to the music, this

album features a bunch of A-list artists such as Anderson. Paak, Rich Brian, Swae Lee, 21

Savage, Rick Ross, DJ Snake, and more. Our favorite song off the album has to be Fire In The Sky

by Anderson .Paak. Summer may be over, but if you have this song on, it feels like it may last

forever; the vibes on this one are immaculate. It perfectly captures that feel-good music

feeling(you know The Spins by Mac Miller type of happy); I know you know what we are talking

about. Our second favorite song off of the album has to be Nomad by Zion. T & Gen Hoshino.

Zion. T is a South Korean hip-hop and R&B singer who is currently signed to the Black Label. Gen

Hoshino is a Japanese singer-songwriter, musician, actor, and writer. This song is different from

anything I have listened to before. The back and forth between English and Japanese creates a

melody that just feels right and, for some reason, makes you happy. We may not understand

the entire song, but thats the beauty of the music; you don't always know what's being said to

enjoy it. Sit back, melt into a couch, expand your horizons and enjoy this one. Our third favorite

song from this album is Foolish by Rich Brian, Warren Hue & Guapdad 4000. Warren Hue is an

Indonesian rapper who has recently signed with 88rising, and Guapdad 4000 is an American

rapper of Filipino and African American descent. Rich Brian needs no introduction but if you

don't know him, go educate yourself. If you are sick of the sound of mainstream rap, this one is

for you. The unique sounds of each artist in this song come together to form something new,

and its something we love. With hints of classic rap and some new experimental vibes, it really

is something we haven't heard anywhere else. After listening to these three songs, give the rest

of the album a chance; it won't disappoint.

- Burna Boy Feat Polo G - Want It All

With “Want It All,” Nigerian superstar Burna Boy continues his stateside crossover bid by leaning into the sonic and lyrical style of his foil on the track, Polo G

- Mozzy earns his first top 10 success on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart as his newest LP, Untreated Trauma, starts at No. 10 on the list dated Oct. 2

- After scoring a best new artist Grammy nomination earlier this year, rapper, songwriter and pianist D Smoke is back with his second studio album, War & Wonders, which was released last Friday

- Aside from slinging spaghetti at his restaurant this week, Eminem teased a follow-up to accompany the upcoming Venom sequel, Friday's (Oct. 1) Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

According to a post from Marshall, the new song features frequent collaborator Skylar Grey, as well as Polo G and Mozzy; at press time the name of the track and exact release date had not yet been announced. An 18-second teaser features an ominous tick-tocking beat and spooky keys, but no vocals.

- Don Toliver announced his sophomore album 'Life of a Don,' and teased a new track 'Xscape'

- BIA feat. G Herbo - “Besito”

- Remble feat. Lil Yachty - "Rocc Climbing"


- How Will I Know by Whitney Houston (Clean Bandit Rework)

    Holy shit is it awesome to see classic’s redone like this (sometimes).  However, I’m a bit at a loss with this one.  Vocal remaster is awesome, I’ve never not been in awe of the vocal power of Whitney, the rework cleans it up and shows her off in a fresh and crisp way…  BUT, there’s something wanting.  The classic R&B pop flare is kind of lost inside these weird and clunky summer edm type addons that just don’t really do her much justice.  Absolutely love Whitney but this would have been better in the hands of groups like Daft Punk (rip) or Ofenbach. Give it a chance and it might be your cup of tea. I could just be grumpy but it does do the trick. 

- Cardio by Timmy Trumpet

    Amsterdam underground rave or 6am Zumba session with the boys?  Cardio does both, Timmy Trumpet can never seem to help himself when it comes to releasing bangers.  Cardio strikes on those perfect tempo builds, and just the right element of “it factor.”  It doesn’t do too much but it keeps the pace tremendously throughout, it’s the perfect caveat for those club nights when the DJ just played 3 heavy hitters in a row and wants to smooth things out without losing momentum.

- Burning by Eli & Fur (feat. Camden Cox)

    Beautiful, surreal, ethereal.  Get in your car, drive downtown where there’s a bunch of street lights and watch them fly by as you sink into the trance this song will set you in.  Burning has this nature around it that just makes it an indescribable type of special.  Every single element feels perfectly crafted and well thought over from the vocals, lyrics, bass line, literally everything.  This is one of those that earns a permanent spot on your playlist and will wow everyone who gets in your vehicle at how “eclectic” and “underground” your music taste is. A certified “bro you have to send me this” track

- On My Knees by RUFUS DU SOL from their upcoming album Surrender

On My Knees by RUFUS DU SOL is one of the new singles from their upcoming album Surrender,

which I am personally insanely excited for. RUFUS DU SOL has always had a special place in my

heart, so the review of this one may have a slight bias (fair warning). This is one of those songs

you can throw on while doing some work, working out, or just driving a car, or really doing

anything, and it makes you feel absolutely invincible. The mix of some techno with the

background vocals and the chorus truly makes you feel like you are in a movie(or at least it does

for me). There’s really no way to describe this song besides classic RUFUS. It is what they are

got famous for and what they stay famous for. The tried-and-true formula allows them to make

hit after hit after hit, and On My Knees is not any different. If this track is not on the top charts

at some point shortly, I am going to be very surprised, but in the meantime, I highly

recommend you give this track and the tracks that are out on this album a listen as soon as

possible. Be on the lookout for a full album review coming soon.

- Grimes - Violence

Grimes is not allowing the media attention concerning her high-profile breakup from SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to have an effect on her. On Thursday (Sept. 30), the "Violence" singer released a new song titled "Love" to address her feelings about the heightened media scrutiny surrounding her personal life and directly called out members of the paparazzi who reportedly harassed her.


- In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Tattoo You, The Rolling Stones have unlocked the previously unheard track “Troubles A’ Comin.” It appears on a newly remastered deluxe edition of the 1981 album, out October 22nd

“Troubles A’ Comin” was recorded by the Stones in Paris in 1979. It’s a guitar-driven cover of The Chi-Lites’ 1970 original featuring Jagger delivering passionate lyrics like “Somebody get together/ And come on, we gotta make it better/ ‘Cause troubles a’ comin’, y’all.” As usual, late drummer Charlie Watts keeps the band humming along with his steady playing.

- David Lee Roth has released the new solo song “Low-Rez Sunset,” accompanied by a music video featuring original artwork by the Van Halen frontman.

-  illuminati hotties — a.k.a. the project of Los Angeles indie rocker Sarah Tudzin — has today shared its third studio album, Let Me Do One More

- Jason Isbell is set to deliver his promised charity covers album in two weeks, and today the outspoken country singer has shared his take on “Midnight Train to Georgia.” 

- Industrial legends Ministry are back with their 15th studio album, Moral Hygiene.

- After teasing fans at Lollapalooza with a recording of their new song “Dad Vibes,” Limp Bizkit have finally officially released the single to streaming services and radio. The song will appear on the veteran nu-metal act’s soon-to-be-announced first album in 10 years.

- For the first time in their illustrious careers, John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen have collaborated on a new original song. “Wasted Days” is a mediation on mortality, and is expected to be the first preview of Mellencamp’s 25th album.

- Emigrate, the side-project of Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe, has announced a new album, The Persistence of Memory, and shared the music video for the single “You Can’t Run Away.” 

- Portugal. the Man are throwing it back to the ’90’s with covers of LEN’s “Steal My Sunshine” and Eels’ “Novocaine for the Soul.”


- Best Thing Since Backroads by Jake Owen

    Jake Owens is here and very rarely does he miss.  This is THAT country song, you know the one, the one that makes you wanna buy an 80’s Ford Bronco, drive down some random dirt road, and pick up fishing..? No? Just me? Whatever… REGARDLESS Owen’s killed it, clean, slightly basic, but it just works oh so well.

- You Time by Scotty McCreery

    Scotty made this one passionate and honest, no extra flare, nothing that doesn’t belong.  Simply pure and passionate sunsetting country, reminiscent of the modern country golden era of the late 2000’s early 2010’s.

- Kane Brown & H.E.R. - Blessed & Free

 Although H.E.R.’s solo focus is soulful R&B and Kane Brown creates pop-leaning country, new collaboration “Blessed & Free” finds a satisfying halfway point between sounds, with the ode to self-preservation relying upon the type of airy production that H.E.R. thrives over but an omnipresent guitar chug also giving the track a rustic glow.

- Tim Showalter has unveiled his seventh studio album as Strand of Oaks, In Heaven

-  Phoebe Bridgers has been dropping a cover of Bo Burnham’s Inside song “That Funny Feeling” into her sets. Now, the indie star has released a studio version of her rendition as a charity single benefiting Texas abortion funds.


If I missed anything or you'd like to submit something hit

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