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The Denver Bronco's Will Be For Sale Next Year And Rumors Are Jay-Z Or Jeff Bezos Will Be The One Buying Them

Fox News - NFL sources expect the Denver Broncos to hit the market in 2022 after what the team says will be an "orderly determination of ownership," Front Office Sports reports.

The outlet reports that Pat Bowlen — who purchased the Broncos for $78 million in 1984 — died in June 2019, exposing a struggle for the future of the franchise among some of his seven daughters, including a lawsuit brought by two of them that was dismissed in July.

While the team is currently not for sale, sources tell Front Office Sports the family’s differences, combined with the purchase price — expected to be around $4 billion — will likely lead to a sale.

Two names that keep popping up as potential new NFL team owners are Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and rapper Jay-Z, although it wouldn’t be a collaborative effort.

Front Office Sports reports that a rep for the world’s richest man previously held talks for a 40% stake in the Washington Football Team. A source with knowledge of the situation told FOS that Bezos remains interested in NFL ownership.

Hip-hop’s first billionaire would need partners to purchase the Broncos, the outlet reports. Forbes estimated his net worth at around $1.4 billion after the sale of champagne brand Armand de Brignac — he owned 50% when it was acquired by LVMH for $650 million in March.

First off, what a fucking come up for The Jiggaman. I know it's pretty normal now to just think of him as a giant mover and shaker, because he's been so successful, for so long. But his story arc is seriously so impressive. 

In his book Decoded (an awesome read by the way), he talked in detail about growing up and dealing crack in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn from the time he was 16 years old.

He was driving down to the Carolinas to pick up bricks that he’d pile into his car and then drive back to New York on a regular basis.

The guy was involved in or witness to multiple homicides, and constantly on the run from authorities.

One of the biggest rappers of all time, married to one of the biggest pop stars in the world, several successful business ventures and exits, and now he might be the newest member of the hardest club to get into in the world- the National Football League’s Owners Committee.


The Jeff Bezos news is whatever. Of course the guy is a rumored name. He could buy the whole damn league if he wanted to. I have no ill-will towards Denver Bronco’s fans whatsoever so I would never wish that upon them. I know the 60k millionaires that would take a bullet for Bezos and defend him passionately disagree, but I think he’d be the worst owner ever. Well, not worse than Dan Snyder, but close.

The guy turned Whole Foods into trash, with his emphasis on “efficiency”, and maximizing profits over everything, and I have no doubt he’d do the same with an NFL franchise.

Let’s also discuss the giant elephant in the room here though.

Pat Bowlen had SEVEN DAUGHTERS???

What kind of depraved shit was that man doing in his hey-day, sowing his wild oats to deserve that? Poor fucking guy.

This is just another perfect example of why I will never be able to relate to rich people too.

If I’m one of the 7 guys married to one of the 7 daughters, I’m rounding up my 6 brothers in law and saying, “fellas, what the fuck are we doing here? We married into royalty. And now we’re gonna just let them give it away and split the spoils up 7 ways? Let’s figure out a way to make this work.”