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Nick Saban Was Shamelessly Recruiting Arch Manning on Peyton and Eli's MNF Broadcast

Imagine what it's like being Arch Manning right now.

You're a junior in high school and in a little over a week, your first visit of the season became a media circus all about you, Lane Kiffin made you the only person he's following on Instagram and now the greatest college football coach ever spent a night during a game week against the No. 12 team in the country to go on national TV and basically give a recruiting pitch to just you. That's pretty wild stuff.

Nick Saban didn't go chop it up with Peyton and Eli for a while because he just wanted to hang with the boys and watch Eagles-Cowboys. He was working. Any moment he could sneak a hint in there about who he'd like his quarterback to be in a couple years, he took advantage.

Arch's recruitment is going to be unlike anything we've ever seen before. He has Saban doing TV spots just to be able to be able to talk to his uncles. This kid has every college coach in the country around his finger.

And if, "I'd love to coach a member of the Manning family," was a little too overt, Saban also talked about quarterbacks needing to go where the best players around them are when discussing Jalen Hurts' transfer to Oklahoma. I wonder where else has the best players that would need a quarterback in, say, 2023.

Meanwhile, Arch still had to show up to chemistry at 8 a.m. today. What a wild life.