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Ryan Reaves Is Teaching The Entire Rangers Team How To Fight Ahead Of The Season Opener Against Tom Wilson And The Capitals

If he's even teaching the Russians how to fight then you know the whole squad is getting ready for round 2 vs the Capitals on opening night. If you're a casual or you need a quick reminder about the Rangers-Capitals feud here is a recap

That whole thing was preceeded by this 

Which essentially caused a GIANT riff between John Davidson/Gorton and Jams Dolan which caused them both to be fired after what looks like a wildly successful and promising rebuild. Basically, Tom Wilson blew up the entire Rangers organization with one play and now the Rangers want revenge. They needed muscle and intimidation/protection and they got the biggest nuclear deterrent available to them on the market…Ryan Reaves

Not here because of Tom Wilson, but also not not here because of Tom Wilson

Hockey can't get here soon enough. ESPN and TNT as broadcast partners and they should keep the camera angles wide to capture ALL of the fireworks that are coming on opening night. Reaves vs Wilson and then apparently a GIANT undercard that even the young Russians are going to be in on. Buckle up.