10 Movies and 3 Shows You Should Stream This Weekend


1. Killing Them Softly (NETFLIX): This is a bit of a slow burn and might not be for everyone, but I really love both Brad Pitt and the late, Great James Gandolfini in this hitman story.

2. The Guest (NETFLIX): A fantastic thriller that is highlighted by the incredible acting of Dan Stevens. 

3. Black Dynamite (HBO MAX): I absolutely adore this movie. It's so funny and endlessly quoteable, and I actually use quotes from it all the time. "Ha, I threw that shit before I got in the room!!!" 

4. Event Horizon (HBO MAX): This is a very under-rated horror movie in my opinion. The practical effects are scary as all hell, and it can go toe-to-toe with any horror movie that came after it if you ask me. 

5. Duplex (HBO MAX): This is one of those tiny comedies that we just don't get anymore because studios won't bet on them. Honestly, I miss them. 


6. Office Space(HULU): The greatest workplace comedy movie ever made. After all these years, it only gets more relevant with age. 

7. Logan (HULU): It is incredibly easy to argue that this is the greatest comic book movie ever made. Hugh Jackman's swan song for Wolverine is super violent and very emotional. 

8. Minority Report (PRIME VIDEO): While I still don't like the grainy quality of the movie, this is undeniably great sci fi.

9: Knives Out (PRIME VIDEO): The best Whodunit in the last few decades and a total delight to watch. 

10. The Sound of Metal (Prime Video): This movie, in my opinion, is the best one made last year. Crazy emotion and great, authentic storytelling. 


1. Squid Game (Netflix): 

2. Invincible (Prime Video):

3. Star Wars: Visions(Disney+):