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Real Swag Is No Swag, Which Means Dave Gettleman Has All The Swag And Your Girl

GETTLEFINGER!!! Uninformed mouth breathers are going to say this is a video of old Dave Gettleman bumbling around with his shorts around his neck, picking up litter like a Boy Scout, and almost getting completely blown over by a gust of wind. But I see something different. I see a man that has spent the last three painful seasons and two brutal games playing possum. Building up his team behind the scenes while painting a picture of chaos for the outside to see. And just when it appears the Giants were at their lowest following a game we do not speak of because we buried a football, they go out and climb that ladder of chaos back to the table of contending in the NFL once again. The man in that video isn't a leader of men. He's the leader of the leader of men. 

The Giants have been on the wrong side of countless people laughing and pointing over the last five years, but who is laughing will change on Sunday after the Falcons game and nobody will realize this until it is too late.

Giphy Images.
Giphy Images.