Alright Giants Fans, We Are Burying The Football From Thursday Night's Game And Moving On

After being a mix of angry, sad, and most of all tired on Friday, I woke up this morning...well pretty much the same. Which is when I decided that I had to put the latest Thursday Nightmare Football game behind me the only way I know how. By burying a football.

There is wayyyyyy too much season left to sit in a pit of despair for losing a game that the Giants lost (and won) roughly 10 different times. Trust me, I had envisioned a perfect world where the Giants beat Washington AND Atlanta to go above .500 for the first time since the 2016 season. Crazy, I know. However the Giants did what the Giants do, which was let us down is the absolute worst way possible.

To anybody that doesn't want to move on and have their entire NFL season completely ruined by a fraction of a second on a field goal, I'm not even gonna plea for you to change your mind. This team has engaged in mental warfare on this fanbase for the last half decade. Don't worry, we'll be waiting for you on the other side without the football that I cannot stress enough how good it was tossing on a beach. Lord, Carry Him Now ๐Ÿ™


I know Coach Judge talks about how important it is to weave football and family together, so my plea to him is to stop making me dig up my yard and have my wife record me at 8 AM on a Saturday for both the sake of my marriage and my kids having a typical nuclear family life.

P.S. Anyone clowning the kicks should know they won the first ever Barstool Crocs Competition and the only thing better than the colors are the charms.