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'Police Story', 'The Man From Nowhere' And 5 More Foreign Action Movies You Should Stream

1. The Night Comes For Us - Netflix: This is the first of three Indonesian action movies that you will find on this list, and all three of them star the incredible martial artist Iko Uwais. It is hyper-violent and features some of the crazier fight sequences you’ll ever see. Most of the actors are masters of Silat, an Indonesian martial art, which is on display in these movies and the other 2. 

2. Headshot - Netflix: Like the last movie, it’s a hyper-violent crime story with incredible martial arts. This one features Uwais in a more central role compared to the last one, which may make it easier to follow. 

3. The Man From Nowhere - Hulu: This is a Korean movie about an ex-special forces soldier who retired after his wife was killed by a hitman. He goes on the warpath to save a little girl that lives next door who is kidnapped by a gang of organ-harvesting bad guys. The action sequences, especially the gunfights, are insanely good. It’s basically a neo-western with pioneering action camerawork. 

4. Police Story - HBO MAX: I’ll always cape for Police Story because it is one of the craziest, action-packed movies you will ever watch. 100% practical effects, guys doing their own stunts, and as big of a scale as you can imagine. There was zero regulation in the Hong-Kong film industry when this was made, so they get away with some of the crazier shit you’ll ever see. Take a look at this! 

5.  Leon: The Professional - Starz/Hulu w/Starz add-on: This french movie contains some incredible stuff. It features the career-best performance from Gary Oldman, a young Natalie Portman going toe-to-toe with Jean Reno, and some really cool assassin action. 

6. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin - Prime Video: This is an older movie, but it is widely considered to be the best kung-fu movie of all time. It’s hugely influential to every Hong Kong movie that followed it, as well as the Wu Tang Clan and the recent Shang-Chi. There are stunts and fight sequences comparable to anything you watch today, mostly because these guys aren’t really pulling much of their punches. 

7. The Raid- RENT: I usually don’t include anything that isn’t included with a streaming service, but this is a worthy exception. The Raid is one of the best action movies made in the past decade. I might even argue that it is THE best, especially when you consider how phenomenal the it’s sequel is. You will be paid back every cent of the $2.99 cost of admission and then some, because it has some of the longest, best choreographed and hard-hitting action scenes you will have ever seen in your life.