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Kenny Golladay Clarified That He Wasn't Yelling At Daniel Jones During Thursday Night's Game, He Was Yelling At Jason Garrett, Which Instantly Makes Golladay Every Giants Fan's Favorite Player

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Kenny Golladay, welcome to a special place in the hearts of millions of Giants fans around the world that have been preaching the same stuff for the last year that you were screaming on the sidelines last Thursday in Virginia. I mean we already loved you for taking the bag from Big Blue and giving the G-Men the big time target they have needed since Odell Beckham Jr. was shipped out of town. However, the problem was Jason Garrett wasn't exactly running the types of plays that accentuated the strengths of one of the best contested deep ball threats in the game.


I said as much when that video first hit the internet last week, but it was so obvious Golladay had a problem with Jason Garrett, not Daniel Jones. Golladay put up Pro Bowl numbers with Jeff fucking Driskel and David motherfucking Blough two years ago while anybody with a brain and a pair of eyeballs that hasn't fed into this dogshit narrative against Daniel Jones being bad has known DJ has been throwing dimes this season.

Danny's only fatal flaw so far this season was a bad fumble in a big spot, which will be his boogeyman until he fixes it. But you can tell by the way Golladay answered the questions, he didn't have a problem with the way Danny was throwing the ball. He had a problem with his offensive coordinator being a blockhead that only knows how to clap and call plays designed to get a first down and not a quarter yard more.

Anyway, welcome to the "Never has to buy a drink for himself in New York again" club, Kenny. That club used to be reserved for guys that came through in the biggest of spots while leading a New York team to a championship. But since that well has gone dry around here for a decade, I think we have to tweak the bar of entry since as of now I think the last guy to earn that distinction was Charles Oakley when he was looking to pummel James Dolan's face court side at The Garden a few years ago.

Now this is for real the last time we even think about that Thursday Nightmare Football game from hell that unfolded against Washington until our next America's Game video. Once you bury a football, all further discussion of the game is buried with it.


Also buy your Kenny Golladay shirts now because I cannot promise they are going to be in stock after he absolutely slaughters the Falcons now that his own offensive coordinator is going to be too scared to run a chickenshit game plan now. I can't wait til Kenny G makes sweet sweet music with our little lamb Daniel.

Not only are the shirts fire but they are approved by Mr. Golladay himself!