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Saquon Barkley Spent His Saturday Playing Beer Pong With Penn State Students and He's Shockingly Bad

With the New York Giants having played on Thursday Night Football last week, Saquon Barkley got to enjoy what looked like an unbelievable atmosphere at Penn State on Saturday. But he didn't just show up at kickoff with a sideline pass, he was enjoying the day with the common folk.

Barkley ended up tailgating with some students and playing beer pong, which is a game you'd think anyone with the level of coordination and athleticism it takes to be an NFL running back would be pretty good at. But judging from the video we have, pong is simply not Saquon's game.

Can you imagine being the person with the balls to tell Saquon Barkley at a Penn State tailgate that his teammate is "carrying" him in beer pong? Even if everyone can see that it's true, you have to have some stones on you to look at the best player to come out of your school in the last decade and say it.

It looks like everyone had a great time, though. Kudos to Saquon for mixing it up with the people and enjoying a big game day. I'd imagine a Saturday spent playing beer pong with Saquon Barkley and then watching Penn State take down an SEC foe in a whiteout game would be up there for the best day of anyone's college experience.