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RG3 Is Ready For Washington To Make The Call





The fact that RG3 isn't in the league is a modern day tragedy. Sure he's crushing it on TV, but he can make a team better. Shit, he made Lamar Jackson into an MVP. Single handily, at that. But yet he sits and waits for the call from a team...and whom better to bring him in than our Washington Football Team? 



It's a bummer we lost Fitzpatrick. And I do think this is Heinicke's team. But bringing in a solid mentor, who can take snaps immediately, would be a huge asset. 


He's ready to play.



Make the call, Washington. Make the call.



PS: Was very funny to see Robert use the "make the call" line today. Like maybe it's a coincidence, but it's the line I used for 2 years whenever a QB got hurt and a guy like Blane Gabbert would get signed. And I'd use the cropped picture of Kaep as a dumb little troll to get the internet in a frenzy. Eventually Shaun King RT'd it and then blocked me when he found out it was about RG3, which is very rude!



"Put politics aside and make the call". Lol. We have fun here.