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On This, The 55th #StarTrekDay, Let Us Watch The Greatest Captain Kirk Highlight Ever

I was blessed enough to be watching this with my old man live from New York on a Saturday night back in 1986 and it's still legit one of the funniest sketches SNL has ever come up with (shoutout to writer Robert Smigel). The way William Shatner just shit all over the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con nerds came outta left field and fucking slayed. 

And then he just wins them back over with a few catchphrases after the Phil Hartman character (moment of silence...) reminds him of the contract his signed. Perfect.

I'm not a Trekker or Trekkie or whatever they're calling themselves these days. The original movie SUCKED and bored people to tears. The second one is most known for Mr. Roarke becoming a future meme. Things happened in three. Four was the only one that I enjoyed as a kid (I was 14) and it's basically a cheesy '80s-movie with some sci-fi. I didn't see any other ST movies and never got into any of the the shows; the original did nothing for me, what can I say? But to each his/her own. Whatever floats ya boat.

(JJ Abrams did the unthinkable a few years back and made STAR TREK cool. His reboot was highly entertaining and translated well to modern audiences. And you didn't need to be one of the guys from the SNL sketch to understand what was going on.)

At least #StarTrekDay is the actual anniversary date of the airing of the first ep and not some made-up hashtag designed to goose an industry or food product or cause. Hey, hats off to the savvy marketers and PR folks who sheepdog Twitter dummies into falling for #InternationalDijonMustardDay or #NationalStepSiblingsDay or some other made up shit. But #StarTrekDay commemorates a real thing that means a lot to a lot of people. (While we're here stick the lame, Buddy Hinton-ass May the Fourth up your arse---the date has no significance.)

If you're gonna have a STAR WARS celly day, it should be May 25th.