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Why You Should Always Hit (Brandon Walker) Back

Brandon Walker put out his first Top 25 rankings for college football. If you haven't read it, I don't blame you. But in order for you to understand this blog, you need to read number four.

First off, everyone knows it's an Oklahoma staple to play down to your opponents level but slightly win. That's why we are ranked 4th to last in educate-shun.

Second, my dad always told me if someone hits you, never hit back. You already won. 

And then I got knocked out in basketball practice. 

I didn't hit the girl back, and I still lost. I wound up in a nose cast for 6 months. It was humiliating. About as humiliating as cheering for a team with an all-time losing record. But not as bad as getting egged in the head during a broadcast. 

Anyways, when I looked in the mirror and saw that nose cast staring back at me, I promised myself I would always hit back. And to keep that promise, I have to cyber punch Brandon back.

Giphy Images.

I'm too scared to say something in person; he's having a muuuuuuch better hair day than me, so I'll hide behind my keyboard like all of you do in the comments section. And on Twitter. Except I'm woman enough to use my real name. 

Anyways, the punch.

Where is Mississippi State on his rankings list? 25th. 

Where should they be? With their Fat. Little. Girlfriends.

Or anywhere else besides on a list of football teams that have potential.