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Russian Hockey Player Delivers a Devestatingly Awesome Hit Where He Carried a Guy 20 Feet Before Smashing Him Into The Boards


Puck Daddy - Defenseman Kristaps Zile delivered one of the strangest hits of 2014. Unless you think carrying your opponent 20 feet into the boards on a hip check is the norm. Zile plays for HC Riga’s farm team, which played an MHL (that’s the KHL’s second tier) game against HC Red Bull on Friday night. He delivered a hip check to Lukas Pozgay as the Red Bull was skating down right wing with the puck. That hip check transformed onto an impromptu piggyback ride into the end boards, where Zile finished a brutal hit. Pozgay laid flat on the ice but returned to the Red Bulls’ bench. He didn’t play in the Saturday night rematch between the teams.


Fatalityyyyyyyy. That’s quite a way to start off the week, getting your brain turned into mashed potatoes after being carried 20 feet. Must have been a pretty terrible ride on that guy’s shoulders, knowing the inevitable end to the journey would not be pleasant and not being able to do anything about it. Can’t knock Zile for finishing the check though. Never start something you can’t finish, even if that something is a hip check you started at center ice and the finish line is behind the net. Somewhere Milk Milbury is crying in his Cheerios pretending to care about this hit, before trying to beat up an 8 year old.