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Jake Paul Is a Legit Fighter And Everyone Needs To Stop Discrediting Him And Crying About it

He won shut up. Everyone keeps saying but he didn't fight a real boxer. This is his 4th fight, when "real boxers" are on their 4th fight they fight people 10x worse that Woodley. After every fight he has had there has been excuses. Oh he was a YouTube, Oh he was an NBA player, Oh he was a wrestler, oh he isn't a real boxer. Shut the fuck up, and no I am not sucking him off he is entertaining. I don't think he fought well tonight but the adversity was something I was worried about and he answered. Every fight he has been in was easy and a knockout, he proved he can last 8 rounds and take some serious punches. That is a huge step in his fighting career and I think it was a wake top call that he does need to work on things and he isn't going to be able to knock everyone out. People are just mad that a Youtuber is making boxing relevant again which if you're a boxing fan you should be happy about. You can't keep extending the goal posts you have to give credit where credit is due and shut it. I don't think he is the next best thing in boxing but what he is doing is entertaining as shit and yes I think he has the potential to be an actual good fighter. He has the right hand, once he gets his footwork down well be having this conversation again after he wins his next fight and people are still talking shit. The best excuse is Woddley didn't throw punches, well he couldn't get to Jake because of Jakes reach. Everyone stop being Salty and cheer up boxing is fun again. Jake also has picked the perfect fighters thus far and getting people towards the end of their careers is also brilliant so I can't wait to see if we get Fury next or a rematch with Woodley where he knocks him out. Jake Paul still undefeated and all of you dinosaurs are upset.