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Tim Brando's Take on Scott Frost Is Looking Like One of the Worst in the History of College Football

When it's your job to talk about sports and you always have to give an opinion on everything, you're going to have some misfires. It happens to everyone, myself included. People have bad takes.

But holy hell, Tim Brando.

"Scott Frost will win multiple national titles at Nebraska" and become "this generation's Nick Saban," is about the worst take you could have possibly come up with in 2018. In the three seasons since, Nebraska has yet to reach a bowl game and began the 2021 campaign with a rather embarrassing loss to Illinois. It's been a disaster.

But Brando said what he said and he's sticking to it. Even after three seasons of futility, an NCAA investigation and another disappointing loss to start 2021, Brando still isn't quite sure that Frost shouldn't be mentioned right alongside Saban.

You almost have to respect it. "His career is still a fluid story," is a pretty remarkable spin zone when Frost has gone to the one school at which he should theoretically have the most success and has been given chance after chance yet still can't win a game to save his life.

Saying this in 2018 is obviously one thing. But I'm really trying to think of something more insane than saying in the last 24 hours that one of the worst coaches in Power Five football might still have a career on the same track as Nick Saban and I don't think you could come up with one.

Just don't tweet Tim about his take. He will block your BONG.