The Scott Frost Era At Nebraska Has Been An Embarrassment

When we previewed week zero on Unnecessary Roughness, Brandon brought up the possibility of Nebraska losing to Illinois. His point I 100% agreed with, but I just didn't consider Nebraska losing a significant possibility. I was bullish on them heading into the season and Illinois in game 1 of Bielema? I just didn't see it happening.

And then Scott Frost did what he does best.......disappoint.

The theme of disappointment has been clear. Let's look at the full Scott Frost era since 2018:

-3 losing seasons

-NCAA investigation

-55 transfers

-No bowl games

-12-21, 9-18 in Big Ten

-Told Joe Burrow "Nah we good"

He was the chosen one who returned home after taking UCF to a 13-0 season...and what has happened since? Nothing but pain.