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Mintzy Experiment: Classical Conditioning

The subject Ben Mintz is 38 years old. Many believe that the mind’s reward feedback loop is pretty set in stone at this age. I believe that is not entirely true. Ben has had bad nutritional habits for his whole life and I feel that classic conditioning through positive and negative reinforcement using an E-collar will truly help Ben in this journey. In this picture, we see an example of when Ben is being conditioned to have a negative association with external stimuli. In this case, the external stimuli are hot gooey chocolate chip cookies and the negative reinforcement is the use of an E-collar. Ben has totally consented to the entirety of this experiment. He understands the progress he makes here will undoubtedly extend his life and longevity. Hopefully, after several conditioning exercises, Ben will react to sights, tastes, and smells differently than he did before. In this case, the next time he smells chocolate chip cookies, he will shudder and relate it to a negative experience as opposed to a positive one due to gluttony. He is conditioned to expect unpleasant stimuli (E-collar activation) when the hot gooey chocolate chip cookies are perceived by his senses.

Many are concerned about the ethics of these treatments on Ben and to them, I say it is unethical to allow the man to live like he was before and not take action. The worst action is inaction and the majority of you are complicit in far more detrimental effects than negative external stimuli through an e-collar in a controlled setting. 

This is backed by several peer-reviewed materials. Very thankful for Barstool to allow me the freedom and funding to conduct such research. I am so thankful to be at a company that cuts through the red tape and will help me produce great findings that will benefit all of mankind. 

I am planning further practices on Ben where I aim to strengthen his own internal will to take care of himself better. The aim I hope is a constant omnipresent pressure to not break the routine and commitment to his own health.