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'The Challenge: Spies, Lies And Allies' Week 3 Recap And Power Rankings: Devin Is Running The House After Turning Into A Political Genius

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. I'll try to convince the other guys to do something from time to time because something tells me this season is going on for months. 

Devin is political genius who is running the house

My guy Devin is running a masterclass on politics in the house. He made sure to really push the vet alliance because he's a numbers guy. You don't have to be a meathead to win this thing. CT is a meathead but he's also smart when it comes to the game. That's the path Devin is going by teaming up with the vet alliance and then getting other people to do the dirty work. He's changed partners a few times already. He was the one Tori came to when she had power this episode of who to throw in. He's pushing the right buttons because it will no doubt blow up at some point. These idiots will turn on each other too early trying to make a move and all hell will break loose. The fact that Devin is staying out of shit and just pushing the buttons though? Genius. He's the one currently running the house. 

We have a new candidate for CT's Mt. Rushmore

There are two absolutely can't touch moments for CT. The first being the Bananas backpack and the second being this iconic image of him smoking a dart while driving. 

You can probably toss his fight against Adam as a lock there too, especially with the pajama look. But we have a new contender for the fourth spot. CT shaking his bare ass as Tommy is on the ground potentially dead with a concussion. 

We've gotten a severe lack of CT air time so far this season, but this was perfect CT. Competing so hard he loses his shorts then still puts on a show. You think he's worried about Tommy? Tommy has been on the show for 5 seconds, get off the camera pal, this is CT's show. 

Shout out Ashley and Amanda for remembering what the show is about

Fuck outta here with these work out montages. You think that's why we watch this show? Hell no. The glory days didn't spend 3-5 minutes a show with them working out. That's why I'm proud of Ashley and Amanda. 

The Challenge is about partying, fighting, hooking up and then some crazy ass final. Nobody wants to see Nelson and Berna work out. No. We want to see them hook up and Ashley lose her goddamn mind while Amanda tries to calm her down. 

These rookies mostly suck

I know the show is at a weird part where they have to bring in a bunch of people from other shows because of no Real World. Well, they went too far this season by getting too many rookies. Not only that, they just stink at this game. There are a couple good ones - Michele, Emanuel, Ed and Esther. But everyone else has ZERO clue how this game works. You had Gabo saying he won't get thrown in because Nany is his partner. Hey dumb dumb, you can still get thrown in based on the format of the show. You have people getting up in arms that they might be thrown in as a rookie team. Hey idiots, look at the numbers and figure out how to vote. You have rookies throwing other rookies under the bus and of course my personal favorite, you have people not understanding why they are being voted in. Getting new blood is fine, at least get people that understand how to play the goddamn game or entertain me. 

Tori made a dumb mistake

Tori had power, went and called to Tacha who was voted in. Tacha said she wanted Michele and Tori had a 'handshake deal.' Now it's worth noting nothing was truly set in stone and I'm not sure why Tacha would want Michele. Michele is actually good. Instead they voted in Berna. Tacha LOST HER SHIT on Tori after losing the elimination. I like the move by Tori because who gives a shit what rookies think. HOWEVAH, don't go to her room to start. Pretty simple here. You stay out of it and can throw in whoever you want. Also people, stop bitching when something bad happens to you. It's part of the show. 

Stop changing goddamn teams

This is my biggest complaint of the season. The teams don't matter. We saw that last season. Make them stay with partners the entire time. Not to mention I just forget who is with who every single week because there were 50 fucking teams. Ultimately the teams don't matter until we get to the finals. Until then it's whatever. No skulls, you can vote in one person from a team. Such a dumb thing this year. 

TJ … still hates quitters

Perfect image here of TJ just staring daggers at Kyle who didn't want to jump 30 feet off a cliff. The man just emerges from anywhere someone is ready to quit. I also heard he misses No Quitters, but that's not here or there. Kyle of course jumped because you don't fucking quit when TJ is staring at you. You do what TJ wants. 

Tommy had to leave with a concussion 

This feels like the 4th person or so this year that had to leave for various reasons. Just throwing out that Tommy was leaving because there are still so many goddamn people. 

Power Rankings


14. Gabo

13. Hughie

12. Jeremiah

11. Corey L

10. Logan

9. Josh

8. Kyle 

7. Nelson

6. Emanuel 

5. Cory

4. Devin

3. Fessy

2. Ed

1. CT


14. Priscilla

13. Nany

12. Bettina

11. Big T

10. Emy

9. Amanda

8. Aneesa

7. Berna

6. Ashley 

5.  Michele

4. Esther

3. Tori

2. Amber B.

1. Kaycee


14. Gabo/Nany

13. Jeremiah/Big T

12. Hughie/Ashley

11. Nelson/Priscilla

10. Logan/Aneesa

9. Cory L./Michele

8. Cory/Bettina

7. Kyle/Amanda

6. Josh/Amber B

5. Devin/Emy

4. Fessy/Esther

3. Emanuel/Kaycee

2. Ed/Tori

1. CT/Berna

PS: Do your laundry