Attention: We Now Have A 3'6" Lesbian Little Person And Her OnlyFans Girlfriend Coming To Burn The Rough N Rowdy Ring Girl Competition To The Ground

And here day away from arguably the biggest Rough N Rowdy to date and what comes across my desk? Three-foot six Tiny Texie and her OnlyFans girlfriend. 

The tweet...

You simply cannot make this stuff up. My early prediction is that she wins the entire thing, but I'm not 100% sure considering the competition. All I know is that Tiny Texie is a star. Four-hundred thousand followers on Instagram, three million on TikTok, and an OnlyFans to match. She describes herself as "The Worlds (no apostrophe) Sexiest Midget" too...




Here are some G-Rated gems from her IG….

What a legend. I've been looking for the next Jessina for years now and even though Texie is one tenth her size, she may be it. Fights start tomorrow night at 8:00 PM. Pre order now and you'll get the twenty regular fights, the 5 main events, the ring girl contest, AND Dave & Dan on commentary with 48 hour replay. See you then…