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Must See Video: It's Absolute Pandemonium as Parents Surprise a Party of 6-Year-Olds With Bigfoot

We've all been there to some extent or another. You think you know a kid. You convince yourself you know what they can and cannot handle. Mistakes get made. Personally, I raised a future Marine corporal who at the age of 3 had to get carried out of several Disney attractions, including "A Bug's Life" and "The Little Mermaid." Mistakes get made. It's just rare that you ever see this level of Parental Failure. 

This is total and complete panic. Newt didn't scream this loud when she opened her eyes webbed to the wall of the alien queen's lair and one of the eggs started to open. It's like someone offered ice cream to whichever kid could shriek the loudest and longest. Personally, I think the little girl in the dress wins on the Noise Meter over the boy in the trucker hat. But he sounded like he was in it for the long haul, and could've kept that plaintive wail going until he graduates high school.  

Regardless, this is gold. I've watched this a dozen times over and it gets funnier every time I do. And I don't blame the adults in the room for losing it too. Maybe it just takes a parent to relate to those horrible moments when you know you've screwed up and it's too late to do anything BUT laugh.

And in fairness to the kids, that Bigfoot did look at lot less like "Harry & the Hendersons" or the revered Sasquatch of Native American lore and more like the stuff of nightmares that have reportedly torn campers to pieces. Anyway, thanks for the laughs. And good like with the intensive therapy.