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Riot Is Running The NA "Last Chance Qualifier" For Professional Valorant Teams To Qualify For VALORANT Championship

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Alright, so I finally baptized everyone with esports coverage. I purposely started with one of the lesser popular esports, but with the game that the average Joe could understand. Warzone was a great source of bringing everyone together (even hackers RIP). It brought hardcore gamers, non-gamers and everyone in between. So I felt like covering CoD Champs was the perfect opportunity. I want to be the guy to cover any and all things esports here at Barstool and this past weekend showed myself and many others the energy and excitement within competitive gaming (all blogs will be linked at the bottom of this post and we have a vlog coming out this week - stay tuned.)

I've dabbled in the art of Valorant previously to help introduce a more hardcore esport and game into the mix.

Right now, Valorant esports is basically entering the playoffs of their professional season, so let's talk about it.

The talk of the town lately has been that Riot has officially released details regarding the "NA Last Chance Qualifier" which is a Valorant tournament where the winner will lock-in their spot in the VCT Championship. Currently only the Sentinels have a confirmed spot and North America (NA) is given 3 spots. 2 spots are earned through league play throughout the season (Sentinels winning for example) and the remaining spot is given to the team that wins this "NA Last Chance Qualifier"

The Last Chance Qualifier is a 10-Team, double elimination, LAN invitational tournament that will be held October 12th -17th. To be invited to this tournament, teams compete through the year in tournament and their placements are awarded points (similar to the COD League structure).

Even though the event will be held on LAN (in-person) - there will be no spectators allowed due to the VID-19. It's a shame, but I understand Riot wanting to protect the players and fans. Valorant LAN would make for an electric atmosphere.

Some of the teams competing will be:


100 Thieves


Cloud 9


If you want to know the basics of Valorant, read the blog below or watch this video.

CoD Champs: