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All Time Spin Zone: Andrew Cuomo Defends Himself Against Allegations Claiming "I'm Not A Pervert, I'm Just Italian"

(If the screenshot isn't real, it's still funny so let's go with it)


As a fellow Italian American male, there are many things I can admit we are: demonstrative, passionate, good judges of food, bad judges of women, loyal, devoted, loud, (usually) short, and hard working.

Yah we talk with our hands, have really bad tempers, greasy hair, big noses, and bad taste in clothes, and wear too much cologne too but let's focus on the positive.

As much as I really really want to chalk this whole thing up to a witch hunt and say the Governor is just another victim of anti-Italian discrimination, you just can't when you're throwing out Hail Mary defenses like this.

First this stunad trots out this outrageous video last week claiming he doesn't sexually harass anybody, except that the video shows him doing just that to absolutely everybody. Chief did a great job blogging it 

Then he dropped this gem…

Chalking up being a scumbag sexual predator to your ethnicity is a spin zone for the ages. And the best part is that in textbook selfish Cuomo fashion, while being focussed on getting himself off the hook by any means necessary, dropping a line like this, he just threw an entire ethnic group under the bus and made us all also look like garbage by association. 

Can you imagine if this becomes a common crutch to use amongst politicians? 

"I know I got my third DUI, but I'm not an alcoholic. I'm just Irish"

Cue Don Rickles

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