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Gold Medal Boxer Loves Frogs So Much She Retired to Chill with Frogs

Some people just really love chilling with frogs.

Frogs are pretty chill. This Olympic boxer has decided she is done training in the sport that she says she "Couldn't enjoy training at all," and "wanted to go home."

You can't make some of these up. 

It is almost criminal they made this lady box when all she wanted to do was chill with frogs.

Regarding how training made her sad she decided to make herself feel better,

She would also visit a Japanese garden alone to stare at tadpoles swimming hard in a pond. 

Every time she fought and won again she would think

"Am I moving closer to a frog?”

Her strategy in the last fight was simply 

"Operation Aggressive Horned Frog"

Now that she is retired she thinks she is going to go work in frogs, which I do not understand what line of work that is exactly but should live up to her expectations. 

If you check out her Instagram it is just littered with frogs. 

And I think this is what she meant by operation aggressive horned frog.