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King Shark Stole The Show In 'The Suicide Squad' And Now I Need To See a Video of Sylvester Stallone Reading His Lines

Last night I got around to watching the new Suicide Squad movie and came away pleasantly surprised. I'm not here to review the movie, we've got the big guns for that over at LCB but I'd be remiss to not acknowledge how incredible a character King Shark (Nanaue) was. I can't stop thinking about how adorable and hilarious an addition he is to this film. Then you go a step further and think about Sly Stallone actually recording "Nom Nom" in studio. My god I'd pay to see that video. Spoilers after this point as we talk more about the Demigod. 

Here are the best moments from King Shark in the film. 

King Shark just wants friends because who doesn't when they're all alone? He wants to be considered one of the guys, shown right away when he's seen pretending to read a book (except it's upside down). His story is actually pretty fucking sad when you think about it, especially the scene where everyone is getting hammered in the bar and he's left inside the van to himself. Didn't care for that one bit. His one liners like when everyone is checking in on radio and he just says "bird" are so perfect. Not sure a scene better encapsulates his character than the new dumb friends scene with the fish who he tries to befriend but end up attempting to kill him.

Maybe it's just my dumb brain but I couldn't get enough of this guy. Thinking a fake mustache would disguise him (a giant shark) in public also just fantastic. Brilliant plan. Gotta throw in the fact that he's actually un-killable too. Dude fell out of a skyscraper and then had a full round of M16s fired at him without a single bullet going through his skin. Felt like they could have taken advantage of that skill earlier in the film, but to each their own. 

I love King Shark and I'm not afraid to say it. Go see The Suicide Squad if you haven't already.