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Supreme Patty Needs An Opponent For RnR 15 Since Lil Xan Dropped Out Like A Lil Bitch... WHO SHOULD FIGHT PATTY NOW?

First and foremost, FUCK that little bitch Lil Xan. Never liked him before and certainly not after he dropped out of RnR 15 after months of us arranging this fight + everyone agreeing to it all. No reason given from Lil Ran's team other than what I assume is pure fear, and so now we need a new opponent for Supreme Patty on August 27th. 

The good news is there’s no shortage of people lining up to try and beat the fuck out of him (we got over 1000 comments volunteering to fight in under 48 hours) so there WILL be a matchup for sure. Everyone from random Stoolies, to previous RnR fighters, internet celebrities and more have thrown their hat in the ring. So... 

Should we throw TRAILER PARK in there? 


Motherfucking WIDE NECK trying to get in the mix? 

Or possibly these other random verified dudes talking shit online that they may very well have to back up in the ring.. Truly nothing more disrespectful in the world that multiple crying face emojis on a fight promo. YOU JUST MADE THE LIST DANCING DAN!

I would be down to see Supreme take on I EAT ASS but I legitimately don't know if he's medically cleared to fight still. Oh by the way SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT will return at RnR 15… 

The possibilities are endless and what's clear so far is the hate is QUITE real for Supreme's face/overall existence. Good luck to whoever is stepping up and it's also wild that normally this fight would’ve been our featured main event. 

But for RnR 15 we have THREE huge fights to end the night…

Pacman Jones vs Lights Out Laing

Chef Donny vs ITSQCP 

Supreme Patty vs ???

And we're also headed to the motherfucking CAPITAL aka Charleston, WV for this PPV which means we got fighters coming out of the WOODWORK, the hills and the West Virginia hollers. Who do you think has a better chance to win on 8/27… 

Crazy Bird or Supreme Patty? 


Order RnR 15 now with 48 hour replay and get 20 fights, live ring girl contest, Dave & Dan on commentary and more on August 27th at 8 pm ET