Ever get so mad you punch a horse?

I guess the Olympics are going to keep on believing that horses are convinced to jump over things with the help of only kind words, gentle nudging, carrot slices, and sugar cubes.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world knows that sometimes to make an omelet, you gotta punch a few horses.

But whatever side of the fence you fall on regarding horse-punching, I implore the IOC to get their moral ducks in a row before the Beijing Winter Games start in 2022 because (for the geographically challenged) Beijing is in China and (for everyone else) China is the number one producer of horse meat in the world, slaughtering over 1.5 million animals a year resulting in over 200 tons of delicious equine meat.

Giphy Images.

And NOBODY will be able to convince the Chinese to stop beating their meat… Believe me… I've tried.

Take a report.