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Bringing Your Own Scale To Texas Roadhouse To Make Sure You Get The Right Sized Steak Is Perfectly Practical. Find A New Slant

chapin31. Getty Images.

Listen. I know there are clearly some concessions you need to make as far as your expectations go when you show up to a place like Texas Roadhouse for a steak dinner as opposed to somewhere like a Del Frisco's. You can't show up there expecting to have the greatest steak of your life. You can't show up there and order a medium rare ribeye and get furious with the chef if it comes out medium. You want a premium steak cooked to perfection? Well you're going to have to pay a premium price at a Barclay Prime. You want to pay $18 for a filet? Well just know that perfection isn't in the equation here. 

But at the very least, you should get the amount of steak you paid for. It may come out 12 degrees more done than you ordered it, but at least you're shoveling your face with half a pound of meat. And if you're constantly getting jipped? Well then it's time to take matters into your own hands. 

Some folks might find it psychotic to show up to a restaurant equipped with your own scale. Some folks might question the true purpose for having that scale in the first place. But if you're showing up to Texas Roadhouse as a loyal customer week in and week out, yet you know you're paying full price for half a steak? Well that just ain't right. And I'm proud of this fella for making sure that he is wronged no more. This is perfectly acceptable behavior and I won't hear otherwise. 

Sidenote: It's time for the general public to realize that grill marks on a steak aren't what you should be looking for. Sure, they may look cool and everything. But there is so much wasted flavor there by not just getting a full sear on both sides. Throw that shit in a cast iron pan to finish it off and develop that sear all the way across. 

h/t Whiskey Riff