Trae Young Got a BAG to the Tune of $207 Million From the Atlanta Hawks

Pay that man!

Trae Young is just the sixth player in NBA history to sign a $200 million contract and he deserves every penny of it. This guy has done nothing but come in and kick ass since the day he was drafted.

Although I guess it should be noted that Young's new contract will drop to about $170 million if he doesn't make an All-NBA team, so he still has tens of millions of dollars in the hands of the national media, whose refusal to give him the respect he deserves I've already discussed ad nauseam.

But I'm confident Trae will be an All-NBA performer in short order. After this year's playoffs, there's just no way around it anymore. Pretty much every common criticism of Young was disproven as he steamrolled through the Knicks and 76ers and might have had the Hawks in the NBA Finals if he was able to play the entire series against the Bucks.

Regardless, this is a great day to be a Hawks fan. It's been a while since this franchise had something to be genuinely excited about. The team has now won games in the Eastern Conference Finals and has a bona fide superstar ready to make multiple more runs at a championship.

The only thing left to do now is re-sign John Collins. I don't know how much giving Trae one of the biggest contracts in NBA history affects that since he was always going to get paid, but hopefully Collins is still part of the plan going forward. Let's run it back.