Some Moron Ranked Trae Young the 16th Best NBA Player Under 25, So He Promptly Dropped 30 Points and 12 Assists

On Tuesday, our friends at ESPN released a list compiled by their "NBA Insiders" — very convenient there's no actual byline on this trash — that ranked the 25 best players in the NBA under 25 years old. And if you just looked at the first 10 guys on the list, your first conclusion must be that Trae Young, one of the most exciting athletes in all of professional sports and certainly one of the most gifted young players in the NBA, was older than 25. That's the only logical reason for him to not be on there.

However, you would be incorrect. You'd have to scroll down to No. 16 to find Young, behind the likes of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Michael Porter Jr.

I just really don't get it. People are so mad that Trae Young is awesome and they simply refuse to acknowledge it. And it actually sort of works, because as long as the media isn't touting you as being as great as you really are, who's really going to hear about it outside of Atlanta? NBA media and fans pick the guys they think are good and bad and those labels just stick forever, regardless of any facts that may challenge those notions.

Take Jayson Tatum, No. 4 on this list. He's one of the guys that NBA media members have just decided is one of the best players in the league — the fact he plays in Boston has a lot to do with it — and they'll never move off that take. Yet, if you look at his career numbers compared to those of Young, they're remarkably similar.

So can someone explain to me why one of these guys is right up there at the top of lists like this and the other is 16th? Honestly, I want to hear a real thought process that goes into that, because I sure can't figure it out. And that's not even getting into the guys like Porter being ahead of him. that's just sheer idiocy.

Anyway, all Trae did on the day this bullshit list came out was go out and put up 30 points and 12 assists on 10-21 FG and 6-7 3PT, because that's just what he does.

I'd imagine the haters and losers were quite upset following this performance, but then again it's not really any skin off their backs, because they just won't tell you about it. But I will.

That list is garbage and it is going to be unbelievably sweet when the 4-seed Hawks take down the Nets in the second round and all these assholes won't have any idea what to do with themselves. I can't wait.