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A Politician is Accused of Having Her Boob Job Paid for by a Lobbyist

San Gabriel Valley Tribune - An El Monte councilwoman failed to report $1,100 she received for breast augmentation surgery from a friend who was working as a lobbyist for a company doing business with the city, according to the former lobbyist and complaints filed against the councilwoman. ...

Councilwoman Victoria Martinez Muela, first elected in November 2011 and the most senior member on the council, received the gift from her friend, Sigrid Lopez, who in December 2016 was a lobbyist for the El Monte-based company Southland Transit. At the time, the company had a $700,000 proposal before the city to extend its contract for public busing and dial-a-ride services. 

Lopez, who said she became friends with Martinez Muela in 2011 after meeting her at a political event in Sacramento,  confirmed in a telephone interview that the $1,100 she paid to Pasadena plastic surgeon Daniel J. Casper on Dec. 29, 2016, was to help offset the cost of Martinez Muela’s breast augmentation surgery. She said she drove Martinez Muela to and from the clinic and stayed with her while she recovered from the surgery. 

Lopez said the payment, which she characterized as a gift that was never paid back, was done out of friendship and not to influence the councilwoman’s vote on any Southland contracts. The two women, however, have since had a falling out.

There's so much wrong here. Just a genocide of wrong. So much wrong it's hard to decide where to begin unpacking it all. But before I go another word, all this is just alleged

So let's start with the fact these two great friends had a falling out. If it wasn't for that, I'm sure poor Councilwoman Muela wouldn't be under investigation. All anyone would know is that she took a little time off. And when she got back to work? Boom. She's up a cup size and walking proud. Strutting with a confidence her colleagues hadn't seen in her before. She might not still have the girlfriend. But the new and improved, surgically enhanced rack will be with her forever and always. As will the object lesson about the nature of frienemies. 

Second, what did we expect from one of our elected officials. This is how politics works. Sigrid Lopez worked for a company that was going after a city contract. Councilwoman Muela held the purse strings. What are we supposed to think, they randomly met at a "political event" and just hit it off? That they looked past their obvious conflict of interest thanks to their shared love of Aubert Pinto Noir and how they'd both just read "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"? 

Again, let me interject with the word that reminds us these are just accusations and nothing has been proven: 

Giphy Images.

Nobody makes friends with someone with as much power as Victoria Martinez Muerla unless they want something. That's how the game has been played since Plato's "Republic." Government runs on power, influence, and favors. One hand washing the other. At least in this case, one of those hands belonged to a cosmetic surgeon. And he used it to help Ms. Muerla's life better. As opposed to doing it the old fashioned way, paying some male politician with money, votes and hookers, Lopez gave her augmented breasts. Like a true friend. And that's a pure good. 

I'm sure the alleged new guns didn't hurt her public image any, either. 


Big, if true. And if so, let's please all try to pump the brakes when it comes to persecuting our female elected leaders when our male public officials have been getting away with a lot worse since forever. After all, if one should take her (reported) bribes in the form of nicer boobs, then at least there is a direct public benefit that we all share.