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USA's Bobby Finke Coming Back To Obliterate Everyone Again On The Final Lap To Win The 1500m Gold Was Incredible To Watch

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

The story of the Olympics so far has obviously been the rise of Caleb Dressel as he claimed five gold medals in dominating fashion. Dude is a physical specimen and the new face of the sport at the summer olympics moving forward. Another name, however, who has become must watch is 21 year old Bobby Finke. This man's incredible comeback in the 800m race put him on the map a few days ago. 

The Finke kick in the final lap is something else. It's must watch because you know it's coming as the race gets down to the last lap and there's not a damn thing any opponent can do about it. If he's anywhere in the neighborhood of you on the final lap you actually have no chance. Basically the swimming equivalent of hitting the nos in a Fast and Furious movie. It makes for incredible strategy and breathtaking television. 

It's nothing short of exhilarating watching this dude hang around in 3rd or 4th for an entire race and then in like last 25-30 meters just turn it onto a whole new level as he blows everyone out of the water. Last night he did it again in the 1500m. Dude swam for 14 minutes (almost a mile of swimming) and still had gas in the tank to explode on the final lap and destroy everyone. Jump to the 3:28 mark for the good stuff. Dude's special. 

Insanity how fast he was able to swim the last 50 meters. I would most certainly drown before finishing 1500 meters of swimming. Bobby Finke was able to stay with the leaders for 1450 and then sprinted the end with ease. Ridiculous. 

Here's a mashup of both his 800m and 1500m comebacks. 

Remarkable. Dude's a legend for this shit. USA swept the men's and women's 800m/1500m races thanks to Finke and Ledecky. Then you talk about Dressel and his five golds. What domination by the Americans once again.