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You All Created The WojBomb Monster, So Now We All Have To Live With The Consequences

Kena Krutsinger. Getty Images.

Some folks seemed to be a little peeved with the Woj man yesterday for doing the unimaginable and spoiling the top pick in the NBA Draft a cool 6 hours before it started. It's essentially the same thing every year, but 6 hours before the draft started has to be a new record. And we've also seen the rush to get the scoops out there to undercut an ESPN broadcast bleed into the NHL just a week ago when Frank Seravalli spoiled practically every pick for the Seattle Kraken's expansion draft hours before the broadcast started. 

People get angry, they get upset, they get annoyed that there's no longer any suspense or anticipation for these draft broadcasts because all of the picks have been spoiled for them. It's like LeSean McCoy telling the whole world that Tony Stark dies in Endgame before like 99% of the population got a chance to see it.

But here's the thing---it's all of our faults. We've done this to ourselves. We created this monster and now we're upset the mutant we created is destroying the city. Because we, as a society, have this insatiable desire for information and we have this unstoppable need to pit others against each other. We treat insiders like they're a sport within themselves. Woj vs Shams. Schefty vs the good Rapaport. 

Not only do we have this desire to get the information as soon as possible, but then we make sure to make note of who got it out there first. Whether it's intended to be ironic or not, celebrating the insider who got the scoop out there on Twitter 45 seconds before the other immediately turns this into a game. And you play the game to win. So if Woj has a scoop 6 hours before the draft starts, he can't just sit around there and pray that Shams doesn't have the same scoop 5 hours, 59 minutes and 15 seconds before the draft starts. He has to put that shit out there right away because all of you idiots have built the arena and created the game. 

So it shouldn't be Woj you're mad at for spoiling the draft. It shouldn't be Shams. It shouldn't be Frank Seravalli. The focus of all your frustrations should be 1) society and 2) the dorks in Silicon Valley who have developed these apps that make our brains addicted to instant information like it's crack cocaine. I love when people say "like crack" who have obviously never done crack. Moral of the story…LEAVE WOJ ALONE.